Tuesday, January 16, 2007


小倉です。以下、岸本聡子 さんのWSFjへの投稿を転載します。


直前になり恐縮ですが、アムステルダムのTransnational Institute
のプリペイドメーターへの対抗など)を共同で開催します。連合体は24日午前中に集結し、African Water Network
を立ち上げる予定 です。
私はナイロビに行きませんが、Olivier HoedemanがTNIを代表してナイロビに行きます。



Reclaiming Public Water! Improving water supply through democratisation
and Public-Public Partnerships

Monday January 22nd (exact time and venue still to be confirmed)
Co-organised by Ghana CAP, Council of Canadians, World Development
Movement, Public Services International, Corporate Europe Observatory,
Transnational Institute, France Libertés, Engineers Withour Borders
Cataluanya and others.

The seminar will present a range of experiences from Africa and
elsewhere with improving public water delivery through democratisation
and other progressive reforms. Another major focus will be how to unlock
the potential of Public-Public Partnerships in accelerating improvements
in access to clean water and sanitation.

Chair: Vicky Cann (World Development Movement, UK) . Speakers:
* Abu O. Alhassan (Savelugu Water Board, Ghana): the experiences with
community controlled water management and public-community partnership
in the town of Savelugu.
* Peter Werikhe (Public Employees Union, Uganda) on the reform
experiences of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation.
* Mussa Billegeya (TANGO, Tanzania) about the failed privatisation in
Dar es Salaam and options for improving the performance of public water
operator DAWASCO.
* Carlos Pedro Bastos (Vice-President of ASSEMAE, Brazil):
democratisation of water management in the municipality Santo Andre and
elsewhere in Brazil.
* David Boys (Public Services International): Public-Utility
Partnerships (PUPs) and the new UN Water Operator Partnerships (WOPs)

Rural water challenges

Tuesday January 23rd (exact time and venue still to be confirmed)
Co-organised by Ghana CAP, Council of Canadians, Corporate Europe
Observatory, Transnational Institute, the Institute for Agriculture and
Trade Policy, Engineers Withour Borders Cataluanya and others.

The seminar will assess the challenges in rural drinking water supply
and sanitation systems in Africa and elsewhere, and explore ways
forward. This will happen on the basis of presentations on community
managed water systems and other forms of public management in rural
areas. The seminar aims to develop an action plan for advancing
democratisation of rural water management.

Chair: Olivier Hoedeman, Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO). Speakers:
* Shiney Varghese (IATP): the challenge of securing water for all in
rural areas.
* George Rubiik (CCFMC KISUMU, Kenya): improving water supply in rural
areas through public-community partnerships.
* Mary-Ann Manaham (Focus on the Global South, The Philippines): rural
water cooperatives in The Philippines.
* Cheikh Diop (president of the "Senegalese association for
environment"): access to water in rural and peri-urban areas in Senegal.

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